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Building Inspection Application

Do you want to know how to automate your inspection process and remove paper based systems to accelerate your business? Metarouge provides practical inspection solutions for building inspectors and property managers to easily adapt and implement into their operations using mobile devices and web portal. As the inspection app is tailored specifically to your business, we can ensure our paperless solution meets your requirements and means of use.

About the App

Conduct full inspections and generate condition report instantly for architectural, civil, structural, electrical and other components of the buildings and facilities with the building Inspection App.

With our Building Inspection app, you can conduct general overview quality inspections of existing facilities, new construction, or homes. The app allows you to assess the general condition of the building, including options for checking the exterior, surroundings, interior, typical rooms, HVAC, and electrical for damage or any other issues. Photos can be taken and saved within the app for immediately documenting any issues. Data collected with this checklist can be used for identifying needed property repairs, document issues, or for due diligence reporting. This app also works offline and capable of data collection in case of low internet connection inside of buildings or out in the field.

Our features


The checklist can be fully customized by the inspectors

Offline data collection

Collect data even when there is no internet connectivity

Photo attachment

Photos can be taken and attached to document issues

Instant report

Report can be generated on the mobile device instantly after inspection

Our benefits

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